Large chefs knife

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Known as a chefs knife or cooks knife, this is a standard blade for any chef or kitchen. It’s a general use utility knife rather than being designed specifically for one task that can be used for the majority of preparation tasks when cooking. The blade is usually between 20-30cm and is curved all the way along.

The curve on the blade makes it a good tool for finely chopping herbs as a rocking motion can be achieved to continuously chop back and forth. When using to slice, the end of the blade needs to be slightly tipped forward to finish the cut, unlike a Japanese satoku knife when the blade is straighter and requires more of a single downward slice.

Although it’s probably one of the most commonly used knives, mine sits at home in a cupboard as I’ve never been overly keen due to the large size. When I do use one it’s usually for big joints of meat that required cutting before cooking.

Sharpening tends to be done in separate parts due to the size of the blade, sometime the tip will be made sharper for finer chopping.

It carries a fair weight behind it, the most common way to handle this kind of knife is to have the handle in your palm and to grip the end of the blade with your thumb and forefinger.

A very popular knife making chefs, but not one of my favourite, I much prefer the Japanese santoku knife for general use.

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