Serrated knife

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As the name suggests, this is a knife with a serrated edge. Usually referred to as a bread knife this is the ideal tool for slicing loaves of bread or cutting sandwiches in half and is usually used with a sawing motion allowing the serrations to cut through the desired object.

They can also be used for peeling fruit and veg with tougher skins such as pineapples, butternut squash, swede etc. Simply chop off the top and/or bottom and stand the item upright then work down from the top sawing the skin off as you go.

Smaller serrated knives can be hand for cutting tomatoes in half if you don’t have a sharp blade to hand, and if you want to slice a cucumber quickly without bits flying everywhere they get the job done easily.

Also good for sponges, if you want to slice them in half to put a filling in the middle like a Victoria sponge, and they work well if you have a roast joint of meat that has cooled down and want to get thin slices, or honey roast ham that has been cooked down.

Whilst it’s not easy and not something I have ever done these can be sharpens, one of my old head chefs used to do it with varying grades of sandpaper so it is possibly if you have the patience. He used to do woodwork so guess it wasn’t much different to him than sharpening a wood saw.

An essential bit of kitchen kit!

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